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How about the commemorative coin manufacturers in recent years?


How about the commemorative coin manufacturers in recent years?

I believe that many people now know what it is, because China will issue commemorative coins when it encounters national events or commemorative days. For example, when the Year of the Monkey is released, the Year of the Monkey will be issued. Coins, of course, in addition to aerospace commemorative coins, etc., these commemorative gold coins or banknotes can be obtained by going to the bank for exchange, which is convenient and simple. Ordinary citizens only need to bring their own ID cards. It can be changed, greatly reducing the threshold of investment and collection.


In recent years, with the change of people's understanding of the collection, more and more people are involved in the collection. Even inexperienced friends can do simple collection or investment, because not only do not need to invest too much. With more money, you don't need to go to the antique market to trade, let alone buy counterfeit banknotes, so you will attract many collectors or citizens who are interested in commemorative coins to queue up for exchange. This is also the case, the market for commemorative banknotes is getting bigger and bigger, and after constant speculation, the room for appreciation is getting bigger and bigger, so that many friends who collect commemorative coins have more confidence in the commemorative currency market.